Sep 28, 2012

A New Blog

I am sure that many of you have stopped looking at updates from me, however I noticed there are a few people who have gone to this site lately, so I might as well inform you that the blog below (as well as the one you are reading) is no longer active. I moved on after not being able to keep up with it for some time. I am proud to announce that I have a new daily blog! I promise that I will not be changing this any time soon. The website is

I do not have a new sketch for every day of week, but I am trying to do a new sketch twice a week. I have other things I do on this blog. Poetry (though quality may be questionable), art techniques, artist/illustrator reviews, and pages from my Wreck this Journal are things I am doing doing to round out my week. Also I'm going to have a weekly paper dolls. I'll have a couple of dolls and I'll do clothing weekly for them, might even do more dolls later. Please join me if you have the time!


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